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  • Germanium Window
Germanium Window Germanium WindowGermanium Window

Germanium Window

  • Category: Infrared Optical Elements
  • Extremely Small Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • High Stability and Resistance to Thermal Shock
  • Good UV and IR Transmission Performance
  • Coating Optional
  • Product description:China Star Optics offers custom ZnS window, MgF2 window, BK7 optical window, Fused silica window, Sapphire window, Ge window, Si window and other precision optical view window.

Ge Germanium Window

Germanium(Ge) is a widely used material for lenses and windows in thermal imaging and FLIR applications. It is also used extensively as a substrate for optical filters. The useful transmission range is from 2µm to15µm, making it good for far infrared. But Germanium has the property of thermal runaway, meaning the transmission decreases as temperature increases. As such, Ge window should be used at temperatures below 100. Germanium’s high density (5.22g/cm3) should be considered when designing for weight-sensitive systems.

Optical Window is one of the most commonly used optical elements, usually used as the optical view window of sensor, analyzer, or outdoor environment protection, vacuum sealed window etc. China Star Optics offers custom optical window. BK7 Window, Fused silica window, Sapphire window, CaF2 window, Zinc Selenide window, Germanium window, Silicon window etc. precision optical protective windows can be customized. Laser windows range from UV to VIS, NIR, SWIR further MWIR and LWIR are available.

China Star Optics offers high quality custom designed optical windows in any quantity from testing sample to mass production. Extremely small MOQ helps to reduce your initial project investment.

- Capacities from 1 mm to 500 mm
- A variety of UV, VIS, IR materials and crystals available
- In accordance with RoHS Standard
- Custom upon your unique optical requirements

Material: UV, VIS, IR materials and crystals. BK7, Fused silica, Ge, ZnSe etc.
Shape: Round, quadrate, triangular or other polygonal
Diameter: 1-500mm +0/-0.2mm
Surface Quality: 40/20 Scratch and Dig
Flatness: 1/10 L @632.8 nm
Lens Centration: 3 arc sec


Uncoated, AR Coating, BBAR Coating etc.