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  • Sapphire window

Sapphire window

  • Category: Optical Window
  • Extreme surface hardness
  • High dielectric constant
  • Useful in a transmission range from 0.33 - 5.5μm when uncoated
  • Can be made much thinner than other common optical windows
  • Product description:Sapphire window can be made much thinner than other common standard optical window with improved transmittance. Contact us for customized high precision sapphire window.

Sapphire Window

Sapphire Optical Round Window manufactured from single crystal sapphire. Sapphire Infrared Window is ideal for demanding applications (such as laser systems) because of their extreme surface hardness, high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant and resistance to common chemical acids and alkalis. Sapphire is the second hardest crystal next to diamond and, because of their structural strength, sapphire optical round window can be made much thinner than other common standard optical windows with improved transmittance. Chemically, sapphire is single crystal aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and is useful in a transmission range from 0.33 - 5.5μm when uncoated. Sapphire optical round Window available with anti-reflection (AR) coatings to improve performance in the visible, NIR, and IR spectra with coating options covering 400 - 5000 nm.

Optical Window is one of the most commonly used optical elements, usually used as the optical view window of sensor, analyzer, or outdoor environment protection, vacuum sealed window etc. China Star Optics offers custom optical window. BK7 Window, Fused silica window, Sapphire window, CaF2 window, Zinc Selenide window, Germanium window, Silicon window etc. precision optical protective windows can be customized. Laser windows range from UV to VIS, NIR, SWIR further MWIR and LWIR are available.

China Star Optics offers high quality custom designed optical window in any quantity from testing sample to mass production. Extremely small MOQ helps to reduce your initial project investment.

- Capacities from 1 mm to 500 mm
- A variety of UV, VIS, IR materials and crystals available
- In accordance with RoHS Standard
- Custom upon your unique optical requirements

Material: UV, VIS, IR materials and crystals. BK7, Fused silica, Ge, ZnSe etc.
Shape: Round, quadrate, triangular or other polygonal
Diameter: 1-500mm +0/-0.2mm
Surface Quality: 40/20 Scratch and Dig
Flatness: 1/10 L @632.8 nm
Lens Centration: 3 arc sec


Uncoated, AR Coating, BBAR Coating etc.